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Excited that the first few games of the season are in the books! Also note that NFL's PPK local competition will be held this Saturday, September 20th at 1pm at the Clarmar practice fields. More information on the competition page.
The game schedule and rosters are posted. Check out the document below under current forms.

   Sunday, September 7
Steelers 34 vs Rams 32
Outstanding Rams players: Offense- Jrs: Ashton Kempf, Griffin Helgenberger, Carson Mauer; Srs: Koa McIntyre, Chris Pinales, Zach McGee
Defense- Jrs: Kade McIntyre, Jakobi Popp, Austin Mattson; Srs: JAx Sorensen, Jacob Baughn, Alex Painter

Outstanding Steelers players: Offense- Jrs: Dominak Escovedo, Taylor Hutchison; Srs: Brady Benson, Carter Sintek;
Defense- Jrs: Lance Rucker, Joe Newton; Srs- Connor Schlueter, Graeson Thomsen

Chiefs 14 vs Lions 6
Outstanding Chiefs players: Offense- Jrs: Ryder Winn, Dalton Newcomer, Keagan Mountain; Srs: Quinn Gossett, Connor Richmond, Jarett Boggs, Pacey Queen
Defense- Jrs: Cooper Weitzel, Gage Ritthaler, Kole Ritthaler, Cory Jensen; Srs: Mason Filter, Aiden Queen, Drew Sellon, Tyler Allen

Outstanding Lions players: Jrs: Trey Simon, Damien Williams, Tye Dickes; Srs: Cade Mongan, Dawson Sabatka, AJ Carritt

Beef 16 vs Vikings 14
Outstanding Beef players: Offense- Jrs: John Lilly; Srs: Silas Mongar
Defense- Jrs: Eli Johnston; Srs: Harrison Siebenaler

Outstanding Vikings players: Offense- Jrs: Colter Fritz, Ashton Swincoe, Michael Saxton; Srs: Dawson Glause, Garrett Moser, Christian Ventura
Defense- Jrs: Jackson Cyza, Maddox Weyer, Titus Richardson; Srs: Micah Moore, Boone Gray, Mason Limbach


   Sunday, September 14, Wahoo
Rams 20 vs Chiefs 12
Outstanding Rams players: Offense- Jrs: Kade McIntyre, Ashton Kempf, Carson Mauer; Srs: Brandon Welbes, Nick Laughlin
Defense- Jrs: Tyler Hurst, Ty Strong, Austin Mattson; Srs: Cal Janke, Koa McIntyre, Jacob Vaughn

Outstanding Chiefs players: Offense-Jrs: Dalton Newcomer, Cooper Weitzel; Srs: Drew Sellon, Jarett Boggs, Connor Richmond, Logan Kunzweiler, Carson Ortmeier
Defense- Jrs: Cory Jensen, Xavian Mountain, Landon Pendergast, Dyllon Finley; Srs: Quinn Gossett, Gavin Logemann, Aiden Queen, Tyler Allen, Camden McKenzie

Beef 56 vs Lions 0
Outstanding Beef players: Offense- Jrs: Cade Nelson; Srs: Kolten Caha, Karson Sander, Spencer Wiese
Defense- Jrs: Trent Moudry; Srs: Wil Kavan, Patrick Kenney, Ben Thrasher

Outstanding Lions players: Jrs: Luke Carritt, Tye Dickes, Jet Nuckolls; Srs: Colin Konecky, Kamdyn Schwartz, AJ Carritt

Vikings 40 vs Steelers 6
Outstanding Vikings players: Offense- Jrs: Jackson Cyza, Dayton Schwaninger, Beau Shanahan; Srs: Lucas Pruss, Nathan Taylor, Brady Millard
Defense- Jrs: Hudson Cunnings, Ryan Schultz, Dominic Hayes; Srs: Mark Donner, Michael Stevens, Shane Miller

Outstanding Steelers players: Offense-Jrs: Jayden Jensen, Landon Schurman, Liam Jost, Joe Newton ; Srs: Tyler Suer, Kaedon Thomson, Zayne Wallen, Tommy Eastberg, Marcos Linarte
Defense- Jrs: Gryphon Smith, Tyler Murphy, Lance Rucker, Jacob Meehan; Srs: Hunter Mcnulty, Graeson Thomson, Aiden Gomes, Nathan Wheeler


   Sunday, September 21
Chiefs vs Vikings 12:30pm
Beef vs Steelers 2:30pm
Rams vs Lions 4:30pm

   Sunday, September 28
Vikings vs Lions 12:30pm
Steelers vs Chiefs 2:30pm
Rams vs Beef 4:30pm

   Sunday, October 5
Chiefs vs Beef 12:30pm
Vikings vs Rams 2:30pm
Lions vs Steelers 4:30pm
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    The Fremont Jaycees began the Youth Football program (formally known as Midget Football) in 1964. We will recognize 50 years of youth football in 2014. Every once in a while we come across an adult male who said he played Jaycee Midget Football when he was a boy. The program is 50 years old and getting better every year. The main goal is to provide football skills to youth so when they move on to middle school and high school football, they will excel personally and be a great asset for their team.

   Jaycee Youth Football is a full contact sport open to boys and girls who:

Must reach the age of 8 by October 15th during the year of participation.
Must not have exceeded 6th grade or the age of 13 by November 1st following the year of participation.
Must be in at least 3rd grade and level ready.
Are required to have a physical examination. Prairie Field Doctor office provides one for a reduced cost during the scheduled dates prior to the season opening practice.

   The cost for registration is $100 plus a $50 refundable equipment deposit which includes a helmet, all the pads, jersey, pants and practice jersey. There will be no gate admission fee, nor required raffle tickets to sell.

   The games are played in September, October and November on Sundays at the Fremont High School's Appleget Field on 16th and Searl Streets with one of those games played in Saunders County. All the school's athletic directors and football coaches are very accomodating, helpful and supportive of the future of Jaycee Youth Football.

   The registation information will be provided to the coaches to build a competitive team during the draft. All participants will be chosen to play on a team. Team coaches schedule their own practices which are typically two-three days a week. The coaches will set a schedule and inform the players of the dates and time.

   We are very thankful for the businesses that support the teams. The 2014 season will include six teams with the following business sponsors:

All Metals Market Lions
Lou's Sporting Goods Steelers
Tribune Vikings
RTG Beef
Sampter's Rams
The Trophy Case Chiefs

   The Traveling Championship Trophy is displayed in the business of the sponsor of the 2013 Champions, the Beef, at RTG Medical at 1005 E. 23rd Street in the First State Bank building.

   Team Rosters! Click here to download a list of current individual team players for the 2014 season! (Updated 8/5/2014)

Current Registration Form
2014 Game Schedule
2014 Photo Order information --contact VW Photography:JC Football tab. Can order online after August 20th.
2014 Jaycee Team Shirt Order Form. Mail or return form to Danielle's address with payment by one of two dates on the form.

Advertising Letter
Equipment check in and out/Weigh in
Banquet Program 2008
Fremont Tribune Ad 2007
Physical Sign In

2014 season dates will be added as they come in.

Saturday, July 19, 2014 - Fremont Football Registration and all teams Equipment Checkout - 1pm-5pm Fremont Middle School

July 30 - Physical Clinic

August 5 - Physical Clinic

August 12 - Lions photos-6:30pm; Beef photos-7:15pm

August 14 - Steelers photos-5:45pm; Rams photos-6:00pm; Chiefs photos-6:30pm; Vikings photos-7:00pm

August 16 - Practices begin

Sunday, September 7 - Football Games

Sunday, September 14 - Football Games (Wahoo)

Sunday, September 21 - Football Games

Sunday, September 28 - Football Games

Sunday, October 5 - Football Games

Sunday, October 12 - Football Playoff Games

Sunday, October 19 - Football Playoff Games

Sunday, October 26 - Championship Football Game

Two dates in November - Equipment Check in at All Stor

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